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Indian Tycoons, founded by Aman Shrivas & Rishav Kumar, is a hub for startup enthusiasts. It brings a unique perspective to the platform. Indian Tycoons offers the latest news on new startups, famous influencers, and entrepreneurs. Stay updated with the vibrant startup ecosystem, gain insights from industry experts & explore the exciting world of entrepreneurship on Indian Tycoons.


The Indian Tycoons is an entertainment and marketing news portal. It covers all the happenings of the entertainment and marketing industry. Indian Tycoons is your ultimate destination for new startup promotion, success stories of entrepreneurs and marketers etc.

We strive to explore the latest news in the Entertainment and Marketing Industry and provide Entertainment and Marketing lovers with accurate and true news stories. The news portal has bilingual content published. News stories are published in both English and Hindi language. 

The Indian Tycoons aims to be a one-stop dependable news source for all Indian readers in an era of pervasive fake and misleading news. The news portal’s entire staff is committed to gathering and disseminating reliable news from around the globe.

Indian Tycoons wants its Indian readers to view it as more trustworthy and authoritative. Indian Tycoons will function as a PR firm in addition to a news website. Supporting brands with the writing and distribution of press releases will aid in the creation of brand identity and brand promotion.

About Founder

Indian Tycoons was founded by Aman Shrivas & Rishav Kumar in Nagpur. Aman Shrivas was born in Nagpur, a city located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. is an Indian entrepreneur, and well-reputed National and International Science writer. He wrote articles for many renowned researchers such as Subhash Kak, Ken Olum, Gabriele Francolini, Osmanov Zaza etc. 


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