Aman Shrivas Sets New Standard in EdTech with Dream Mission: India's First Ethical Skill-Based Platform

Aman Shrivas, the CEO of Dream Mission, is leading the way in revolutionizing the edtech landscape in India. As the founder of India's first ethical skill-based edtech organization, Aman has created a platform that not only provides digital skills training but also offers employment opportunities in various fields. What sets Dream Mission apart is its unwavering commitment to ethical selling practices, distinguishing itself from the manipulative tactics often employed by others in the marketing industry.

Comprehensive Training and Employment Opportunities

Under Aman's leadership, Dream Mission has become a beacon of change by offering comprehensive training in a range of digital skills. The organization equips individuals with the expertise required to excel in today's highly competitive job market. However, Dream Mission goes beyond mere training by providing work opportunities on a daily, contract, commission, and tutoring basis. This unique model ensures that individuals not only acquire valuable skills but also have the chance to apply their knowledge and earn a living.

Ethical Skill-Based Selling Practices

Aman's approach to education and employment is rooted in his recognition of the need for ethical practices in the industry. By learning from the experiences of companies that have manipulated people and pursued wrong intentions, Dream Mission sets itself apart by emphasizing transparency, authenticity, and integrity in its skill-based selling practices. The organization places great importance on developing genuine connections with customers, fostering trust, and establishing long-term relationships that benefit both parties involved.

Recognition and Impact

Aman Shrivas' work and achievements at Dream Mission have garnered significant attention and recognition. His commitment to ethical skill-based education resonates with individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing them with the opportunities to explore and thrive in the digital workforce. By challenging the status quo and offering a platform for ethical skill development and employment, Aman is contributing to the transformation of the edtech industry and setting a new standard for others to follow.


Aman Shrivas, CEO of Dream Mission, is leading a revolutionary change in the Indian edtech landscape. His commitment to ethical skill-based education and employment opportunities has propelled Dream Mission to the forefront of the industry. By offering comprehensive training and genuine work opportunities, Aman ensures that individuals not only acquire valuable skills but also have the chance to apply them in the real world. Through his dedication to transparency, authenticity, and integrity, Aman is setting a new standard for the edtech industry, inspiring others to follow suit and contribute to the ethical transformation of the sector.


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